What makes a GOOD idea for a product?

Here are 4 ways to filter your product ideas and help you provide value to customers.


Scott Murphy

9/20/20231 min read

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Do Something Great neon sign

What makes a good idea for a product? It can take a long time to think about with no clear way forward.

Designing a product is a complex and creative process that requires careful planning and research. Some of the most important considerations when designing a product are:

Understand Your Customer Needs & Desires

The needs and preferences of the target customers. A product should solve a problem or fulfill a desire for the intended users, and it should be easy and enjoyable to use.

Know your Market and Competition

The market and competitive landscape. A product should have a clear value proposition that differentiates it from other similar or substitute products, and it should be able to reach and attract potential customers.

Be Realistic and Critical of your Technical and Financial Resources

The technical and financial feasibility. A product should be designed with the available resources and constraints in mind, such as the budget, timeline, skills, tools, materials, regulations, etc.

Does your product have a positive impact on your customers and the world they live in?

The environmental and social impact. A product should be designed with sustainability and ethics in mind, such as minimizing waste, energy consumption, pollution, and harm to people or animals?

What do you think makes a good idea for a product or service? Let us know!