Why you need an online booking platform to compete in today's economy

Make your life easier with a solution that suits your brand.


Scott Murphy

7/20/20231 min read

three women sitting at the tablethree women sitting at the table

Entrepreneurs can greatly benefit from using an online booking platform.

Firstly, such a platform provides convenience and efficiency by streamlining the booking process. Entrepreneurs can easily manage and schedule appointments, saving time and effort. Additionally, an online booking platform allows entrepreneurs to reach a wider audience and attract more customers. By providing a user-friendly interface, entrepreneurs can showcase their services and availability, making it easier for potential clients to book appointments.

Furthermore, an online booking platform enhances communication between entrepreneurs and their customers, as it allows for instant notifications and reminders. This not only improves customer satisfaction but also helps entrepreneurs stay organized and maintain a professional image. Overall, an online booking platform is a valuable tool for entrepreneurs seeking to enhance their business operations and maximize their reach.

We use a FREE platform called Brevo here at Scott Murphy DTS to manage our busy meeting schedule, giving our valued clients the choice to meet when, where and how they choose.
a woman in a white shirt and a laptop computer screen shot of a woman ina woman in a white shirt and a laptop computer screen shot of a woman in
BREVO lets you develop customer relationships all from an easy to use dashboard:
  • Customer Conversations

  • Form management

  • Email marketing and SMS marketing

  • Sales and Leads