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We started with one simple question...

Scott specializes in creative thinking, digital marketing, problem solving and business development.

Scott focuses on the need to be OBSESSED with your customers and how to build solutions to help them live better lives. Once understanding this process, you will be able to communicate the benefits of your products and services with your customers, colleagues and investors to share your vision!

These workshops are flexible to your needs and budget. Generally, we provide 2 hour presentations including interactive exercises, a Q and A and prizes!

Popular topics covered include:

Digital Marketing

Social Media

Sales & Networking

In person workshops are available for Ontario, Canada based events while virtual options are currently available world-wide.

a man with a beard
a man with a beard

Learn Digital Marketing, Sales and Business Development in an interactive workshop.

Feel Inspired, Be Empowered.

Scott Murphy

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How can we help small businesses succeed in the modern economy?

Since the beginning, we have worked with small business owners and entrepreneurs to reach more customers online.

Our market leading affordable and flexible website development, social media management and paid marketing services have empowered small businesses to provide better customer experiences while not compromising long term sustainability. We are proud of our clients achievements and are always working to find the best digital solutions on the market to build better connections between you can your customers, wherever they may be.

Let us take care of your digital marketing needs while you focus on providing great products and services to your customers, it's what we do best.

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