Personalized Mentorship for Entrepreneurs

Do you need some help with your small business?

As entrepreneurs, we often wear many hats and jump between roles throughout our busy days. Sometimes the things that limit us are so small yet feel too big to handle without some expert help to guide us.

We wanted to provide an affordable and effective solution for small business owners to gain insight and mentorship without impacting their monthly cashflow.

Many people do not have an expert advising them in their decisions when starting their business. But a mentor can give new business owners sincere and constructive criticism and support, making the entrepreneurial path a lot less lonely!

Schedule a stress-free call with our team today to work with a personalized mentor who is here to help you with brainstorming ideas, market research and discovering new ways to improve your existing business today. 

two women sitting beside table and talking
two women sitting beside table and talking

$59.95 per hour

Transparent Pricing

No hidden fees.
No more wasted time.

How it works.

Register your business

We are going to take advantage of this one-hour session minute by minute, so please register your business to allow us to prepare in advance and provide the most value to your business in our meeting. This way I will know how to best guide you.

Choose a Time that works for you.

Join our team over a video call on a platform of your choice and at a time that works for your busy schedule. We will provide you with expert recommendations and the best practices to overcome your challenges including what tools you really need and how you can optimize your processes to improve your customer relationships.

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